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Tipping Adhesive Formula for Mailers

Low staining Tipping Adhesive Formula in Germantown, WI

Tipping is the use of an adhesive to secure a card with a promotional offer or message onto the page of a flyer, magazine, newspaper or book. In an ideal world, the card adheres well enough to not fall off in the mail, yet pulls off easily without tearing the paper underneath or leaving a stain on either surface.

Low-staining tipping is huge, and Heartland Adhesives has made remarkable advances in perfecting it. Think of credit card mailers – particularly how the clear glue leaves visible staining on the paper when you peel off the card.  While no adhesive company can reduce staining by 100% (yet, at least), Heartland Adhesives gets closer to “pulling off” this feat than any other manufacturer. Our tipping (aka “tipped on”) adhesive formula for mailers is one you are going to be interested in, without question.

Heartland Adhesives Makes the Front Page with Custom-Formulated Tipping-In Adhesive

Recently, Heartland Adhesives was contracted to provide a state-of-the-art tipping adhesive for the cover of Travel & Leisure magazine. The request arrived when Time Inc. was looking to include a peel-off on the front cover of nearly one million issues of the magazine.

With our low-tack tipping adhesive, specifically formulated for use with Travel & Leisure’s glossy cover,  the card stayed on the magazine while in the mail and was easily peeled off by the recipient—without leaving a mess. When a printing press combines our tipping adhesive formula with a high-end magazine, the result is simply flawless.

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Stick with Us for All Your Tipping Adhesives

Tipping adhesives for promotional materials on flyers, magazines, newspapers and more in Germantown, WIAs an industry-leading manufacturer of adhesives for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, Heartland Adhesives can develop purpose-specific adhesives for virtually any promotional mailer application—and we can do it with the shortest lead times in the adhesive manufacturing industry.

Let us know what you need and we will provide an estimate. We can also provide samples of our hot melt tipping-in adhesives to give you a better idea of the quality of our product. You can contact us online using the “Get a free quote” link below or by calling 262-255-9171.

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