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Poly Bag Adhesive Solutions

Packaging Adhesives and Formulations

Poly bag and other packaging adhesives in Germantown, WI

Heartland Adhesives frequently provides adhesive solutions for manufacturers of poly bags (often alternatively spelled polybags). The "poly" in poly bag stands for polyethylene, the most common form of plastic. Companies that manufacture plastic bags need to apply the correct adhesive formula which will seal their bags effectively for products like dress shirts (shown to the left).

Possessing high quality and consistently dependable adhesives for product packaging can make all the difference when it comes to providing your customers with their necessary products on time or failing to deliver on schedule. Heartland Adhesives, the top producer of transfer tape adhesive, permanent label adhesives, removable label adhesives, and printing adhesives. Our adhesive company produces a broad range of PSAs used in medical packaging and pharmaceutical packaging. From adhesives for packaging tapes to adhesives for sealing product packages, depend on the top adhesive manufacturer: Heartland Adhesives.


Industry Leading Customization

Heartland Adhesives offers industry leading custom adhesive products for packaging systems. Decades of experience and state of the art production and testing equipment enable our adhesive chemists to formulate the perfect product for your needs. We take all possible situations and substrates in to account with our formulations and work closely with our customers so as to establish a total understanding of your custom packaging adhesive’s intended function. We also test shear and peel characteristics, evaluate the effects of extreme temperatures, and perform any unique tests or assessments specifically requested by our customers.

We want your custom formulated adhesive packaging system to exceed your expectations and become a thoroughly dependable component in your manufacturing process.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Products

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Packaging and poly bags in Germantown, Wisconsin

From recyclable grocery store bags to medical grade waste bags, poly bags come in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials. The fluctuating demands of the dynamic poly bag industry require adhesive manufacturers to offer a diverse selection of pressure sensitive adhesive products. Heartland Adhesives, your home for the highest quality custom formulated adhesives for poly bags, proudly offers a diverse range of adhesive products specifically formulated for poly bag applications.

Solutions for Poly Bag Manufacturing

Heartland Adhesives’ qualified technicians account for poly bag manufacturing specifications such as film thickness, slip levels, temperature variance, adhesive viscosity and color when selecting the right adhesive system. Since adhesives don’t fall in to a “one size fits all” category, our adhesive solutions for poly bags are based around the type of film and gauge being utilized for your product, ensuring your adhesive product functions exactly as it should. Whether you’re searching for a permanent or resealable adhesive or a hot melt adhesive for use with a removable release liner, depend on the poly bag adhesives experts at Heartland Adhesives.

Formulation Doesn't Get More Superb

The custom adhesive formulators at Heartland Adhesives excel at designing and formulating adhesive products for the unique applications and potentially uncommon substrates utilized in the poly bag manufacturing industry. Our adhesive formulation specialists will work closely with you to produce and implement the perfect adhesive for your poly bags, ensuring optimal product performance and unmatched quality.

Contact our packaging adhesive specialists today for more information on our superb custom formulated adhesive products.