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Non-Woven Assembly Adhesives

Adhesive formula commonly used in diapers and more

Find non-woven adhesives for diapers, incontinence products, personal hygiene, disposable medical products and more at Germantown, WINon-woven adhesives are commonly used in the assembly of diapers, incontinence products, personal hygiene and disposable medical products. The success of all these products in the marketplace hinges on adhesives that hold securely, release easily, and are safe for direct contact with skin.

Heartland Adhesives provides custom formulated, high-performance hot-melt adhesives for a wide range of non-woven applications. These adhesives provide a higher bond strength than water-based adhesives, remain solid at room temperature and have a faster set time.

Heartland Adhesives’ Non-woven hot melt adhesives are:

Heartland Adhesives has formulations for permanently bonding non-woven materials, such as elastics, as well as formulations which allow for easy removal, such as those for securing a material to skin.

Non-Woven Assembly Adhesive Applications

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Shop non-woven adhesives for disposable medical supplies in Germantown, WIHeartland Adhesives has been formulating and manufacturing adhesives since 1988. We supply adhesives to a wide range of industries all over the world. As part of our commitment to provide the best adhesive solutions in the industry, we are constantly improving our formulations, manufacturing process, and delivery chain.

If you need a purpose-specific adhesive for a new product, let us know. We have the capability to develop new formulations with the shortest lead times in the adhesive manufacturing industry. Just let us know your requirements and we will be happy to provide an estimate.

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