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Gaffer’s Tape Adhesives

Shop Gaff Tape, Camera Tape, Spike Tape, Colored Tape and other Gaffer's Tape Adhesives in Germantown, WIAdhesive Formula for High-Quality Vinyl Coated Cloth Tape

Shop colored gaffer tape and other gaffer adhesives in Germantown, WIIn the world of high-quality vinyl coated cloth adhesive, there’s an extremely popular player on the market best known by the product name of “gaffer’s tape.” Headquartered in Germantown, Wisconsin, Heartland Adhesives is proud to have created an adhesive formula for gaffer’s tape which we currently supply to gaffer’s tape manufacturers globally.

This tape is predominantly used by those in the entertainment industry who need to temporarily adhere electronic cables to the ground (from carpet to concrete). The formula used is a pressure-sensitive, rubber-based adhesive. When you consider how quickly gaffer’s tape must be applied—yet utilize a fast, secure bond and still be removable without leaving a trace of glue—it’s truly remarkable.

Gaffer’s tape is also commonly referred to as:

Another perk of gaffer tape is how it can be easily torn with your hands. Gaff tape can also be used outdoors, since the adhesive formula is designed to withstand any hot temperatures, as well as cold weather which doesn’t sink below around 40 degrees. Typically gaffer’s tape is manufactured to be 3 inches wide and sold in spindles with a length of approximately 50 yards.

The Main Difference between Gaffer Tape and Duct Tape

The main difference between gaffer’s tape and duct tape is that gaffer’s tape is made using a matte finish to avoid reflecting light. With its polyethylene coating, duct tape oppositely has a shiny surface.

Again, the real secret behind gaffer tape’s brilliance is how it can be applied so effectively yet also be removed instantly. During studio and onsite production sessions, gaffer’s tape keeps cords for lighting, audio, and other electronic equipment securely in place so crew members and bystanders don’t trip. If you're rolling out the production of gaffer's tape, we want our adhesive formula to complete your product.

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