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EPS Foam and Foam Packaging Adhesives

Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt EPS Foam Adhesive Options in Germantown, WI

The use of EPS molded foam and closed cell foam packaging has increased dramatically over the last decade. The ever increasing number of products shipped by online retailers and manufacturers continues to fuel demand for these packaging materials.

As a packaging material, EPS foam is ideal. It can be molded or cut to conform to the shape of a product, it prevents the product from shifting around during shipping, offers protection against impacts, and is light enough to not add significantly to shipping costs. The excellent insulation properties of EPS also make it ideal for temperature sensitive products like perishable foods, pharmaceuticals and electronics.

Often, pieces of EPS need to be joined to other EPS pieces or to another material to create packaging. Our EPS foam adhesives will bond expanded polystyrene foam to wood, metal, plastic, fabric and fiberglass without dissolving the polystyrene. Similarly, layers of closed cell foam materials are commonly bonded together, then cut to specific shapes to create custom packaging.

Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt EPS Foam Adhesive Options

Heartland Adhesives offers pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives for EPS in two forms—pellets or liquid.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) vs Styrofoam

Although EPS is commonly referred to as Styrofoam, there are differences between the two materials.

EPS is a rigid, closed cell foam plastic made from polystyrene plastic. It starts as a small resin pellet about a millimeter in size. These pellets look a bit like roughly granulated sugar. The pellets are loaded into a steam chamber, where heat causes pentane gas in the pellets to escape. As air enters into the pellets, they expand up to 40 times their original size.

After the pellets are expelled from the steam chamber, they’re funneled into a molding machine and steam fused into a large block (or into product-specific shapes for packaging). Large blocks of EPS are cut into shapes for a wide variety of applications. The end product is lightweight, moisture and mold-resistant, with a compressive strength up to 40 psi.

Foam and Foam Packaging Adhesives in Germantown, WI

Benefits of EPS foam for packaging

EPS applications in construction

EPS is seeing increased use for structural insulated panels (SIPs) and insulated concrete forms (ICFs) in the construction of energy efficient homes. Our adhesives can be used for bonding sheets of EPS to wood, metal and other materials commonly used in construction.

Styrofoam is actually a trademark of the Dow Chemical Company and the term was coined for a specific type of expanded polystyrene foam developed primarily for boating applications (and later for thermal insulation and craft products). While it’s commonplace to refer to EPS products like coffee cups and coolers as “styrofoam,” Dow Chemical would really prefer you didn’t.

An easy way to identify Styrofoam is by its blue color. Styrofoam is an extruded board, while EPS is a molded cellular block. Unlike EPS, the production of Styrofoam requires the use of CFC’s (chlorofluorocarbons) or HCRCs (hydro chlorofluorocarbons), which have been recognized as harmful to the ozone layer.

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Since 1988, Heartland Adhesives has been formulating and manufacturing adhesives for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. We are well-known for our innovative, marketplace-proven adhesive solutions. Our dedication to providing quality products, superior customer service, and the shortest lead times in the adhesive manufacturing industry make us the ideal partner for all your EPS foam adhesive applications.