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Bottle Labeling Adhesives

Bottle Labeling Adhesive

Adhesives have a massive range of applications for a variety of different industries. In addition to standard adhesive uses like duct tape, envelopes, and book binding, one major need often fulfilled by Heartland Adhesives is bottle labeling. Bottle labeling adhesives, while also prominently used for soda, are most commonly required in the alcohol industry, specifically for the production line of breweries, wineries, and distilleries.

Let’s suppose your brewery produces 30,000 barrels of beer per year. Considering one barrel of beer is 31 gallons, a single gallon is 128 ounces, and the average beer bottle is 12 ounces, that’s close to 10 million bottles of beer per year your operation is labeling, then sending out into the world for consumption.

The average customer can easily tell you the label is what sells any bottle of beer, wine, or liquor. You better make sure your labels are 100% as polished as they can possibly be when coming off the production line and shipped off to a store for thirsty customers to inspect before purchasing.

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Water-Based Adhesives Versus Hot Melt Adhesives

How to Know If You Need Hot Melt Adhesives

Water Based vs. Hot Melt

Water and solvents are not used in hot melt adhesives. And so the battle begins: determing whether to go with water-based adhesives versus the more popular hot melt adhesives. When figuring out how to know if you need hot melt adhesives, the first step is calculating exactly what quantity your production line entails.

Breweries, wineries, and other liquid bottling companies meeting a certain production number will likely want to transcend water-based adhesives and achieve a higher level of consistency. We all know, consistency is the only path for the biggest, most trusted brands.

Other differences include how hot melt adhesives remain on the product’s substrate, whereas water-based adhesives sink into the surface. This means dirt, dust, and other debris will not get in the way of proper label application.

As mentioned, hot melt adhesives are typically the more popular choice for container labeling due to the enhanced level of consistency. Additionally, the marginally higher cost of hot melt adhesives over water-based is offset by vastly superior setting speeds.

The perfect hot melt adhesive formula for bottles ensures your labels will adhere to more than just glass, including plastic, aluminum, and other materials. Performance adhesives designed and manufactured by Heartland Adhesives at our Germantown, WI headquarters are certain to STAY ON.

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