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Pest & Insect Control Adhesives

Pest & Insect Control Adhesive Manufacturing in Germantown, WIPSA hot melt adhesive formulas are commonly used for the commercial production of sticky mouse traps, rat glue traps, and insect trap coatings. We adjust our adhesives to the specific needs of our clients, and the experience we have in doing so is second to none. If you’re in the pest and insect control adhesives industry, we will make your product to your exact requirements.

Adhesive insect traps are a practical alternative to toxic insect sprays and repellants. Whatever unwanted pests your customers are trying to keep out of their homes and buildings, we develop the adhesive for your product. As an insect trap manufacturer, this gives you the ability to make good on your promise to keep the critters out.


Adhesive Trap Production: Paper vs. Tray

Pest and insect control adhesive in Germantown, WIFly traps require different adhesive formulas than mice and rat traps. There’s also a difference hinging on whether your product is made on paper or a tray. Either way, at Heartland Adhesives, you’ll never have to give us a chemistry lesson. As a global manufacturer and distributor of PSA and hot melt adhesives, we're ALWAYS customizing formulations for top Fortune 500 companies.

The vast experience of our formulators means we have the ability to thoroughly comprehend what needs to be done to make your product work as you intend. Ask any of our clients – we know exactly what we’re doing, and have even made a replacement for the discontinued Tanglefoot insect trap coating.

Heartland Adhesives regularly receives inquiries from manufacturers all over the world. It’s common for potential clients to request an off-the-shelf product, but we are happy to tailor a formula to meet your exact needs. Regardless of the time crunch you’re in, we are equipped to meet your needs quickly with a custom adhesive formulated specifically for your product.

Adhesive Manufacturing Company Goes Beyond Wisconsin

From Bahrain, India, to Beijing, China and throughout the world, Heartland Adhesives is the pest and insect control adhesive team you want to help get your product out the door. When it comes to sticky insect adhesives similar to Tanglefoot Sticky Trap Coating – tape, strips, traps, barriers, and screens (you name it!) – Heartland Adhesives is determined to be the best source for the most consistently dependable adhesive formulations on the planet.

Contact pest control adhesive manufacturer Heartland Adhesives for a custom formula to immediately match your product.