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Military Grade Adhesives

Military Grade Epoxy Adhesives in Germantown, WIHeartland Adhesives has PSA formulators equipped to supply high-performance adhesives for all branches of the U.S. Military. Our epoxy adhesives can be customized to suit your exact needs, creating strong bonds for all types of materials and all conditions.


Military Standards Require the Best Epoxy Adhesives

Military grade adhesive solution from Heartland Adhesive in Germantown, WIThe automotive industry continues to use higher quality adhesives. Likewise, adhesives used in military equipment and aircraft need to be as reliable and cutting edge as possible. When it comes to military vehicles, every facet of their assembly must be 100% dependable. The U.S. military has rigid standards – and rightfully so--and that's where Heartland Adhesives comes in. 

After you call our Germantown, WI laboratory with an adhesives request, we immediately take into account the two most important factors: time and cost. We know you are working on tight deadlines and can’t be waiting indefinitely for a specific formula. We also know budgets aren't endless. We pride ourselves on working quickly and staying within your project’s budget--even on custom adhesive formulations.

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