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Military Grade Adhesives

Military Grade Epoxy AdhesivesHeartland Adhesives has PSA formulators equipped to supply military grade adhesives for all branches of the U.S. Military. We don’t just produce adhesives for automobile manufacturing. Our epoxy adhesive can be customized to suit your exact need, including the material being used. Bonding plates to tiles will become more durable a process than ever before, adhering to metal surfaces like you won’t believe.

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Military Standards Require the Best Epoxy Adhesive

The automotive industry has stepped up production and continues to use higher and higher quality adhesives. Likewise, it is essential aircraft grade adhesives are every bit as reliable and cutting edge as possible. When it comes to military vehicles, every facet of their assembly must be 100% dependable. The U.S. military has rigid standards – and rightfully so, accepting nothing besides the best epoxy adhesive available.

After you call up our Germantown, WI laboratory with an adhesives request, we immediately take into account two factors that clients always consider most important, following the quality of the epoxy adhesive itself: time and cost. We know you are functioning on tight deadlines and can’t be waiting around for a specific formula. Additionally, we pride ourselves on being able to work closely within your project’s budget.

Even though we deliver military-grade adhesives quickly and cost-effectively, we still manage to customize the adhesive formula based on your intended use.

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