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A Comprehensive Guide to Adhesive Types, Uses, and Applications

Adhesives formulated by Heartland can be easily customized to use for a variety of applications – so many that even the world’s leading manufacturers would have trouble naming them all! Beyond the standard applications like labels, transfer tape, poly bags, and printing/graphics, other uses range from envelopes and shoes to more obscure requests like eyelashes and wigs. Every day, different types of adhesives are being developed for use across the globe.

Popular types, uses, and applications of adhesives include:


Adhesives for ABS Plastic

Adhesives for ABS PlasticAcrylonitrile butadiene styrene, commonly referred to as ABS, has countless applications. ABS can be found on your keyboard, your power tools, wall socket coverings, plastic building blocks, car dashboards, and more. Finding the right adhesive for ABS is difficult, as it can be found in high-use items and often requires a clear surface. ABS adhesives can be found here at Heartland Adhesives. If you want to ensure your ABS adhesive provides a clear finish and repairs your damaged material, contact us for a free quote on a custom designed adhesive.

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Adhesives for Acrylic

Adhesives for AcrylicMost plastics, acrylics in particular, are difficult to glue together. Due in part to low porosity and zero surface roughness, adhesives have virtually no way of securing themselves to the acrylic material. Most adhesives for acrylics actually work by melting the plastic to form a bond. Heartland Adhesives has a huge catalog of adhesives designed specifically for plastics like acrylic. We also custom design adhesives for special acrylics with ultra-fast turnaround times. Contact us for a free quote now!

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Adhesives for Aluminum/Bonding Aluminum

Adhesives for AluminumAdhesives for aluminum need to produce a strong, secure bond able to resist high amounts of heat. Heartland Adhesives carries a selection of adhesives designed especially for repair damaged aluminum. A common use for aluminum adhesive is repairing damaged cooling fins on heatsinks. Another includes aerospace adhesive formulas, like ones for the engineering industry. Heartland Adhesive products are designed to withstand drastically shifting temperatures. Contact us for a free quote and faster turnaround times on custom designed aluminum adhesives able to withstand high temperatures.

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Brick Adhesive

Adhesives for BrickworkDamaged brick work, or poorly secured stone, can spell disaster for professionals and hobbyists alike. The art of masonry deserves better. Ideally, your adhesive will create a secure bond while maintaining a level surface, and match or complement the color of the stone. Contact Heartland Adhesives today for a free quote on a custom designed masonry adhesive with a fast turnaround time.

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Cardboard Adhesive

Adhesives for CardboardContact Heartland Adhesives for a free quote on custom made cardboard adhesives for the packaging industry. Most cardboard adhesives are water soluble, or easily removed like duct tape. Heartland Adhesives manufactures a number of liquid adhesives for cardboard designed to withstand the elements and ensure your shipping materials don’t fall apart. We custom design spray and liquid adhesives for a wide variety of applications.

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Adhesives for Fabric

Adhesives for ClothFabric requires a strong, flexible adhesive to mend rips and tears. Heartland Adhesives manufactures tapes and liquid adhesives specifically for fabrics. Our liquid adhesives are transparent once they dry, and resist water and sunlight, making our formulas perfect for the clothing industry. If you want to ensure your adhesive remains strong, or matches a certain color, contact us today to receive a free quote on a custom designed liquid adhesive.

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Adhesives for Concrete/Concrete Blocks

Adhesives for Concrete BlocksConcrete adhesive is ideal for a diverse number of applications. The right bond is critical for securing wood to stone, or repairing damaged bricks. Professional contractors trust Heartland Adhesives to provide products specifically for concrete. Contact us today for a free quote on a custom designed concrete adhesive for your unique project.

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Construction Adhesive

Adhesives for Building ConstructionAdhesives are used throughout the construction world. Handymen and professional contractors alike rely on different construction adhesives for bonding stone, wood, and more. Effective multi-purpose adhesives are hard to come by, and “good enough” doesn’t cut it when building a home. Construction professionals in need of quick turnarounds for critical projects regularly contact us for custom engineered construction adhesives.

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Corian Adhesive

Adhesives for CorianCommonly found on countertops and in kitchens, Corian is an acrylic based polymer favored for its durability. Corian adhesive usually dries clear, but can be modified to match desired colors and shades. Professionals contact Heartland Adhesives for fast turnaround times on custom designed epoxy-based adhesives for Corian. Get a free quote on color matched or clear epoxy based Corian adhesive today.

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Adhesive for Dental Crowns

Adhesives for Dental CrownsNot only do dental crown adhesives need to be non-toxic, they need to be clear and strong enough to withstand near constant use. While many dental adhesives work by creating compression bonds, some work by chemically bonding to the tooth. Dentists rely on Heartland Adhesives for custom designed dental crown adhesives, even chemical bonds, delivered with quick turnaround times. Contact us today for a free quote on dental crown adhesives.

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Adhesive for Drywall

Adhesive for DrywallDrywall adhesives provide a strong bond with wood during construction. When paired with screws, you get an extremely secure bond. Heartland Adhesives designs high-strength drywall adhesives to ensure a secure bond during construction. Request a free quote on our drywall adhesives and custom formulation capabilities by contacting us.

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Adhesives for Electronic Assembly

Adhesives for Electronic AssemblyCommercial electronics manufacturers and hobbyists rely on adhesives for electronic assembly. Repairing damaged electronics and fabricating new ones often requires adhesives which can withstand high temperatures, bond to a myriad of surfaces, and even support conductivity.

Heartland Adhesives offers rapid turnaround times on custom-designed adhesives for electronic assembly and repair. Contact us today for a free quote on adhesives designed for your unique needs.

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Adhesive for Envelopes

Adhesives for EnvelopesWe get a lot of inquirie asking what is the best adhesive for envelopes. Adhesives for envelopes are manufactured using a formula we have perfected over the years, although we’re happy to custom make a special adhesive glue suited for your specific envelope need. We guarantee the sealant will be weather-proof, price-competitive, and work better than the glue your business currently uses for its envelopes.

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Adhesive for EPDM Rubber

Adhesive for EPDM RubberNotoriously difficult to bond, EPDM rubber demands special cyanoacrylate adhesive to bond, which often degrades quickly in water. This, paired with easy surface contamination, makes it challenging to form a secure bond. When professionals need to secure EPDM rubber, they contact Heartland Adhesives to receive a free quote on custom designed water-resistant adhesives.

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Adhesive for Eyelashes

Adhesive for EyelashesProducing the perfect adhesive formula for the makeup industry requires the most skilled adhesives manufacturer in the world. Artificial eyelashes must stay on throughout the day, despite sometimes humid weather. Eyelash adhesives must also be easily removable.

Leading brands in search of adhesives for eyelashes will need the superior manufacturing of Heartland in order to get their product in stores like Sephora and Ulta.

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Adhesive for Fiberglass

Adhesive for FiberglassNot all adhesives can work with the unique surface of fiberglass, or form a secure bond between two different pieces. Some adhesives can even damage fiberglass. Difficulties are compounded when trying to join fiberglass to materials like metal. Professionals and hobbyists contact Heartland Adhesives when they need a custom adhesive designed with a quick turnaround time. Heartland Adhesives offers free quotes on custom designed fiberglass epoxies.

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Adhesives for Fixed Orthodontic Bands and Brackets

Adhesives for Orthodontic BandsOrthodontists require fast-acting adhesives when fixing brackets. Orthodontic adhesive needs to withstand near constant use, but allow for safe removal in the future. Heartland Adhesive designs unique orthodontic adhesives for professionals in need of swift turnaround times. Get in touch with us today for a free quote on custom adhesive design from Heartland Adhesives.

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Flexible Packaging Adhesive

Flexible Packaging AdhesiveFlexible packaging adhesives are found virtually everywhere, from your favorite bag of chips to your daily box of cereal. Durable, flexible packaging adhesives are essential for countless manufacturers.

Heartland Adhesives rapidly produces high volumes of flexible packaging glue for the food-grade adhesives market across the country. Contact us for a free quote on custom engineered, food-grade flexible packaging adhesives.

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Adhesives for Flooring/Hardwood Flooring

Adhesives for Hardwood FlooringFlooring professionals require large volumes of high grade flooring adhesive. When flooring adhesive dries it needs to form a strong bond, and withstand years of constant use. Many inferior flooring adhesives wear away over time or fail after being exposed to high temperatures. Heartland Adhesives custom produces high quality flooring adhesive designed specifically to withstand years of high temperatures and heavy foot traffic. Contact us now for a free quote on custom flooring adhesive engineering.

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Adhesive for Formica

Adhesive for FormicaProfessionals and do-it-yourselfers use contact cement when repairing or installing Formica countertops. Contact cement begins bonding almost instantly, which makes it perfect for first time installations, but not for damaged countertops. Heartland Adhesives can custom-engineer clear contact cement, or a variety of colors, to make repairing damaged Formica easy. Contact us today and get a free quote on high volume custom orders delivered with rapid turnaround time.

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Adhesive for Granite & Granite Countertops

Adhesive for Granite As heavy as it is beautiful, granite is a leading choice for homeowners and professional designers alike. Installation and repair of granite countertops require high strength adhesives. Professionals and homeowners contact Heartland Adhesives for rapid turnaround times on high volumes of custom adhesives designed to withstand heat and water. Customers can benefit from a free quote when they contact Heartland Adhesives.

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Adhesive for Jewelry Making

Adhesives for Jewelry MakingProfessional jewelers and hobbyists both rely on durable jeweler’s adhesive to create beautiful works of art. Jeweler’s adhesive needs to withstand water, pressure, and time. Above all, it needs to dry clear, or else it risks ruining the piece’s natural beauty. When they contact Heartland Adhesives, professional and hobbyist jewelers can receive a free quote for customer-designed, clear, high-strength adhesives in odd volumes.

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Adhesive for Leather

Adhesive for LeatherWhether you’re a professional tanner or trying to repair a torn loveseat, finding a good leather adhesive is critical to saving the piece. Most leather pieces, whether they’re furniture or clothing, see regular use. The right adhesive can have a damaged piece looking like new. Customers contact Heartland Adhesives for odd quantities of high-quality leather adhesive in specific colors, relying on quicker formulations to cut down on costs.

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Adhesives for Nylon

Adhesives for NylonNylon’s high melting point and durability make it a favored material for engineering purposes. Most nylons feature a chemical slip additive which makes it “greasy.” This makes it particularly difficult to apply adhesives and form a secure bond. Professionals contact Heartland Adhesives for accelerated turnaround times on specially designed epoxy adhesives and more for nylon.

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Adhesives for Optical Devices

Adhesives for Optical DevicesAdhesives for optical devices must cure quickly and dry clear. Engineers in need of high strength adhesives for optical devices contact Heartland Adhesives for speedy turnaround times and free quotes to cut down on costs. The formulation capabilities are vast, and a substantial number of custom adhesives can be engineered for optical devices, providing high strength bonds with clear finishes.

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Rearview Mirror Adhesive

Rearview Mirror AdhesiveRearview mirror adhesives need to withstand heat, humidity, impact, and more. Dollar store epoxy simply won’t cut it for rear view mirror repair. Professionals and hobbyists looking to cut costs reach out to Heartland Adhesives for free quotes and expedited turnaround times on odd volumes of adhesives. Heartland Adhesives custom engineers a number of adhesives in high volume for rear view mirror repair.

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Roofing Adhesive

Roofing AdhesiveRoofing adhesives need to withstand years in the elements, maintaining their bond through rain, snow, heat, and more. In minutes, roofing professionals can ask Heartland Adhesives for a 100% free quote on high volumes of custom engineered roofing adhesives. The PSA formulators, headquartered in Germantown, WI, engineer these custom adhesives for shingles, flashing, vents, and more.

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Adhesives for Shoes

Adhesives for RoofingDo-it-yourselfers and manufacturers producing large quantities of products require PSA adhesives for shoes. Heartland Adhesives quickly custom engineers adhesives to bind soles and repair damaged shoes. Contact Heartland Adhesives for a free quote on custom engineered adhesives designed to bond unique materials. You'll save money while being floored by how quickly the supply gets to your door.

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Adhesives for Teeth

Adhesives for TeethDental professionals require high-strength, nontoxic adhesives for a number of applications. These adhesives need to bond with enamel, glass ceramic, alloys, composites, and more, all while withstanding constant use. Dental professionals contact Heartland Adhesives for free quotes and ridiculously fast turnaround times on high volumes of custom-engineered dental adhesives.

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Adhesive for Tile

Heartland Adhesives manufactures tile adhesives for floors, walls, backsplash and more. Our tile adhesives are waterproof and engineered to hold for years. We develop custom adhesives for peel and stick tiles, self-adhesive tiles, ceramic tiles, vinyl tiles and any other tile material or surface. Contact us today for a free quote.

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Adhesives for Vinyl

Adhesives for VinylVinyl can come in a diverse variety of textures and types, making it hard to find the right adhesive. Many outdoor vinyl applications, like siding, must withstand constant exposure, while flooring must withstand constant traffic. When vinyl adhesives fail, floors can buckle or siding and flashing can fall off. Professionals in need of pressure sensitive adhesives able to bond to vinyl and other surfaces ask Heartland Adhesives to deliver the industry’s best turnaround times on custom vinyl adhesive formulas.

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Adhesives for Walls

Adhesives for WallsHeartland Adhesives engineers adhesives for everything your wall might need. This includes everything from wall base adhesives for hanging and mounting drywall, to adhesives for small mountings, all of which are custom engineered by Heartland Adhesives. Professionals and hobbyists alike contact Heartland Adhesives for free quotes on industry-leading formulas delivered with a faster turnaround time than your business has experienced in the past.

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Wig Adhesive

Wig AdhesiveWig adhesives must withstand sweat, heat, and constant movement. Everyone’s epidermal chemistry reacts differently, which can cause certain adhesives to fail. Heartland Adhesives will design a wig adhesive formula strong enough to withstand sweat and heat but diverse enough to handle most skin types. If you reach out to the PSA formulators at Heartland Adhesives for a specific quote on a variety of adhesives for wigs, your order will be delivered with a rapid turnaround time.

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