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Food Safe Adhesives

At Heartland Adhesives, we produce remarkable food-grade adhesives to exacting standards. The process typically begins with an in-depth conversation regarding what your product needs are – then our PSA formula wizards delve into their vast repertoire of experience in order to customize the adhesives for your food-grade product.

All silicone sealants formulated right at our headquarters in Germantown, WI are then shipped to wherever your business, factory, or manufacturing facility is located. As the best adhesive suppliers, we service clients spanning dozens of different states in the U.S., as well as multiple continents.

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Perhaps your old supplier is overcharging you while providing a lackluster adhesive formula that just isn't getting the job done. Our guarantee on all food industry adhesives we provide is to help you rigorously comply with staunch FDA regulations. Labels on food products you release will survive greatly varying temperatures and leave absolutely no residue when quickly peeled off.

Food Grade Epoxy

Label Adhesives Customized for Food Industry Compliance

We understand the reliance of the customer on the convenience of products you provide. Nothing is more difficult than peeling a label off the top of a juice can, only to see sticky glue remaining where you are about to place your lips. Same applies for produce, since basically every kind of produce has an adhesive label. Whether tomatoes, bananas, or apples, Heartland Adhesives promises to fulfill your most difficult need: create a label that will remain on during shipping, yet can be easily removed when the desire to do so arises.

On a related note, we also create and supply custom label adhesives for packaging and bottling, such as wine, liquor bottles, condiment jars, packages, and much more. For a superior food grade adhesive supplier who will beat your current supplier’s price while providing a much higher quality product, no matter how high the demand, look no further than the service of Heartland Adhesives.

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