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We Formulate Custom Soldering Glue and Electronics Adhesives for YOU

Soldering GlueThe average consumer of today’s technology doesn’t fully understand how his/her preferred devices actually work. In fact, the majority of us have never even looked inside our computer. Truth is, electronics manufacturers utilize conductive glue and soldering adhesives to create solder masks within their products. Heartland Adhesives serves as a formulator and distributor of such conductive adhesives.

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If you aren't an electrical engineer, you might ask, "What is a solder mask?" In short, a solder mask is occasionally used to mask off components that are being soldered. The long answer? A solder mask is a polymer material placed on the copper surface of circuit boards. This light layer prevents oxidation while fighting the build-up of bridges from one solder pad to the next (especially when they're placed too close together and unintentional electrical connections are in danger of forming).

Long story short: we know what we're doing. Find out in our case studies by viewing work we've done—beyond soldering adhesives—for clients in need of postage supplies, Tyvek bracelets, produce labels, and more.

What Is Meant by Potting Compounds?

When manufacturing electronics, it's essential that silicone rubber gels and thermo-setting plastics serve as a gelatinous compound to prevent unnecessary oscillation. Filling the electronic assembly with this compound is called potting. At Heartland Adhesives, we produce those solid and gelatinous compounds you need to effectively manufacture your electronic products.

Meet High Demand without Sacrificing Quality

You’re an electronics industry manufacturer and must fulfill the production of thousands of products, from headphone adhesives to cell phones to the manufacturing of laptops. Despite outrageously high manufacturing demands, the soldering adhesives you use for electronic components must never fail. For industrial adhesives and epoxy sealants used in the production of technology, Heartland Adhesives quickly delivers formulations customized to your exact standards, keeping you profitable. Our quick turnaround time on unique applications is simply unbeatable.

For international quality and consistency, contact the best soldering adhesive supplier for your electronic manufacturing and assembly.