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Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Tyvek Wristbands

Waterproof Adhesives for Transfer Tape Pool Wristbands

Recently, the permanent adhesive manufacturers at Heartland Adhesives were approached by a customer looking for a solution to an adhesion issue with the Tyvek wristbands they produced. Their current transfer tape wristband adhesives were experiencing issues with quick adhesion, adherence to multiple substrates with and without printed inks, and the ability to withstand the caustic effects of chemically-cleaned pool water (also withstanding wrist-sweat from dance floors and outdoor events is always a common challenge with Tyvek wristbands as well). Heartland Adhesives’ expert chemical formulators knew they could create the optimal hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive for this customer and set about formulating the highest quality solution.

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Heartland Adhesives’ staff of custom adhesive formulation experts carefully examined the customer’s requirements in order to create the perfect solution for their waterproof adhesive needs. We performed extensive testing in a wide variety of conditions to simulate the various aquatic environments the adhesive would be subjected to and identified the best waterproof adhesive for the job. Our customer now has a thoroughly reliable hot melt PSA for their Tyvek wristband production needs and will never have to deal with their previous adhesion issues.

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