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New Innovations in Removable Produce Label Adhesives

Removable Adhesive Bonding over a Wide Temperature Range Case Study

Removable Adhesives and produce labels in Germantown, WIOne of the most common issues associated with removable produce labels is their capability to retain adhesion over a range of temperatures. Produce packing house experience a wide difference in ambient temperatures throughout the day, making the process of high speed label application difficult. This temperature variance can reduce the bonding capabilities of the labels along with a high speed labeling system’s application rate.


Removable produce label adhesives for fruit vegetables and other produce in Germantown, WIThe adhesive formulators and producers at Heartland Adhesives traveled directly to the packing house in California for an up-close examination of this complex issue. This hands-on experience allowed our custom adhesive formulators to develop a produce label adhesive capable of retaining excellent bonding qualities in an impressively wide range of temperatures, ensuring our customer is able to consistently and accurately label their produce every time.

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