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Permanent Adhesives for Postage Supplies

Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Thermal PaperPermanent Label Adhesives

Heartland Adhesives’ permanent pressure sensitive adhesive developers are well versed in formulating high quality hot melt adhesives used in the postage and package delivery industry. We were recently tasked with developing a permanent PSA to be used as a coating for postage and package thermal paper labels applications. The customer specified that this adhesive must be unable to pre-trigger the label inks, quickly and easily adhere to a wide variety of packaging materials, and possess the ability to be fed through a printing machine without jamming the machinery.

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The permanent label adhesive technical specialists at Heartland Adhesives started by breaking down the requirements and carefully planning the best possible formula. Once this process was completed, our chemists identified the critical raw materials which best suited this particular application. Through extensive testing and problem solving, Heartland Adhesives presented our customer with the best label adhesive material for their application.

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