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Fugitive Glue and Removable Adhesives to the Rescue

Custom Hot Melt Adhesives and Removable Glue Dots for Printed Materials

Removable Adhesives for PrintingIn 1993, a major monthly sports magazine publication was preparing to distribute their annual swimsuit edition to fans worldwide. The decades-long popularity of this particular edition, coupled with an instantly recognizable brand name, meant each edition had to outshine the last and continuously up the ante. Previous editions featured the normal single page covers, but the 1993 edition was planned to feature something new and different: a foldout cover.

This particular magazine cover featured a world-famous model, so they were in need of a strong but easily removable glue capable of keeping the foldout closed during shipment without damaging the page when opened. They were searching specifically for a hot melt removable adhesive capable of application rates of 1,000 dots per minute on high-speed printing presses. Heartland Adhesives, the best removable adhesive manufacturing company, was tasked with creating the perfect hot melt adhesive for their needs.

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With decades of experience and a complete dedication to customer satisfaction under our belt, Heartland Adhesives set out to make a truly unique removable adhesive product. Through testing, formulation, and evaluation, Heartland Adhesives produced the perfect hot melt removable adhesive for the foldout cover without the common “angel hair” stringing issue experience with inferior competitor products. Our high-quality removable adhesive was the perfect choice for our customer and their publication.

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