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Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Poly Bags Case Study

Hot melt pressure sensitive custom poly bag and packaging adhesives in WisconsinA major poly bag manufacturer was experiencing issues with the pressure sensitive adhesive material they were using to Custom Poly Bag hot melt Adhesives in Germantown, WIseal one on their most important products. The hot melt adhesive they had been utilizing was pre-triggering a proprietary color changing ink and ruining the intended function of their product. Even with testing and evaluation, the customer and their adhesive manufacturers had been unable to solve this issue on their own. The poly bag manufacturer contacted the hot melt PSA experts at Heartland Adhesives for a solution capable of saving their product and ensuring success in the market.

Heartland Adhesives was able to isolate the component in the adhesive which was responsible for pre-triggering the ink. Once the real problem was identified and addressed, Heartland Adhesives formulated a custom poly bag adhesive that wouldn’t trigger the color changing ink. Our customer now has the perfect adhesive for their needs, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership and complete customer satisfaction.

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