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Hot Melt Adhesive manufacturer solutions in Germantown, WI

Heartland Adhesives is a leading hot melt adhesive manufacturer with the expertise and advanced in-house technology to create adhesive formulations for any product or application.

From label adhesive and insect trap adhesive to custom adhesive formulations, we have the capabilities to manufacture hot melt adhesives ranging in viscosity, bond strength, application temperature, material resistance and any other specifications you require.

Many of our hot melt adhesives are classified as 21 CFR 175.105 adhesives. Individual attributes can be customized to meet the specific needs of your application, including:

Contact the hot melt adhesive manufacturers at Heartland Adhesives to discuss the specifications your business needs.

Hot Melt Adhesive Case Studies

Case studies and examples of custom hot melt adhesive solutions in Germantown, WisconsinWe work closely with our customers to supply the best hot melt adhesive for your application. Whether your company can utilize one of our existing 800+ adhesive formulas or you require a custom adhesive formulation, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Heartland Adhesives is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, expert adhesive formulation and fast turnaround times. Learn more about how we’ve helped customers find the best pressure sensitive or hot melt adhesive in the case studies below.