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Selecting a PSA Hot Melt Supplier

Hot Melt Adhesive Formulators and Producers Serve Your Unique Application Needs

Heartland Adhesive is Wisconsin's best PSA hot melt supplierHow do you select the best PSA adhesive supplier?

There are many adhesive companies which claim to be producers of PSA hot melt adhesives. Frankly, many have "narrow band width" when it comes to adhesive experience and formulas. Heartland Adhesive’s product line is comprised of 95% PSA hot melt adhesives. That’s a big difference!

Large multinational adhesive companies may have experience, but ‘product rationalizing’, sales made via distribution and untrained service reps means customers don’t receive the personal attention they deserve or the accurate product information they require. Granted, many of the large multinational adhesive companies have knowledgeable people buried in their labs, but the issue isn’t whether they have good people; the issue is whether the large adhesive company is willing to bring its resources to serve your application or adhesive issue. In most cases with these multinational adhesive companies, medium to smaller customers get far slower response time or are pushed off to a distributor. So much for customer focus.

PSA hot melt formulator in WisconsinHeartland Adhesives is different. We believe ‘it is important to be important to someone’.  We align all our resources behind your adhesives application. You won’t be pushed off on a distributor who sells out of a catalog or has never seen a PSA hot melt application. You deal directly with us, the PSA hot melt formulator and producer.

We may not always be the least expensive, but in terms of support, product selection and service we provide the best value in the PSA hot melt industry, bar none. Ask us what we can do for you today!

Contact our pressure sensitive adhesive specialists today for unmatched excellence.