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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Manufacturers Leading the Green Initiative

Hot Melt Adhesive Suppliers Employ Initiatives to Reduce Harmful Environmental Impact

Eco-Friendly Hot Melt Adhesive Suppliers in WisconsinAs industry leading hot melt adhesive suppliers we’re setting the gold standard in green initiatives. Our environmentally-conscious decision-making code of ethics means we hold our environmental impact to the same standards as our performance-driven pressure sensitive adhesives. The production material we purchase is able to be reused, so there’s never any waste. Retired equipment is thoroughly cleaned to protect the earth from engineered chemicals. Any additional materials or equipment which is unable to be reused is disposed of properly.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Manufacturer Heartland Adhesive is Eco friendly Our pressure sensitive adhesive manufacturers are constantly innovating new ways to further minimize our environmental impact. We know cleaner, better engineered hot melt adhesives start with us and are dispersed to industries around the world. Our pressure sensitive adhesive manufacturers understand the grave importance of our responsibility, not only to our customers, but to the earth as well. Every day we are striving to minimize the environmental impact of our industry and the industries we serve by continually innovating cleaner products and processes.

When you’re ready to partner with a hot melt supplier who has a higher code of environmental ethics, who engineers reliable, performance-driven pressure sensitive adhesives, who delivers faster turnaround times, who offers friendly, knowledgeable customer support and who passes their savings on to you, come to Heartland Adhesives. We never stop exceeding expectations. Heartland Adhesives: Big enough to serve your needs, small enough to care®.

Contact our PSA adhesive manufacturers today to learn more about our environmental initiatives and discuss your unique adhesive application needs.