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Our hot melt adhesive formulators understand the setbacks, challenges and disappointments you experience with other adhesive manufactures. As an industry innovator and leader, Heartland Adhesives operates vastly different than other adhesive manufacturing companies. There are many reasons why so many make the switch to Heartland Adhesives, but below are some of the most common reasons.

Adhesives with Unreliable Product Quality and Inconsistent Performance 

All too often reputations, customers and profit are lost due to unreliable or inconsistent performing adhesives. When this happens you can’t afford to waste valuable time and money waiting to speak to a customer service representative and then waiting on a new shipment of adhesives to arrive.

As a revered and respected industry leader, Heartland Adhesives consistently produces superior PSA adhesives which have been time tested in the marketplace. Our exceptionally high standards paired with our rigorous lab and real world testing ensures the PSA adhesives we produce are of unmatched quality and dependability.

Slow Turnaround Time

Booger Glue Adhesive in GermantownMany adhesive manufacturing companies struggle with their turnaround time. Some adhesive companies have to outsource certain elements of the process; others are forced to rely on middlemen to handle their supplies or shipping needs. Either way, most adhesive companies are operating outside of their reasonable capabilities.

Heartland Adhesives can proudly say we have the fastest turnaround time in the industry. Usually in as little as 1-2 weeks you’ll receive our dependable, performance-driven PSA hot melt adhesives. With comprehensive on-site facilities we’re able to formulate, produce, pack and ship faster than any other adhesive company. Heartland Adhesives is also one of very few PSA hot melt manufacturers who buy molten raw materials in bulk to increase efficiency. Plus, we have detailed inventory tracking which enables us to order the necessary materials we need far before we ever run low.

Adhesive Companies with Poor Customer ServicePressure Sensitive Adhesive Formulations in Wisconsin

Whether a big box adhesive company or a small adhesive manufacturing business, it seems when you need customer service the most you can never reach them; you’re either put  on hold for what seems like an eternity or you’re forced to jump through the hoops of  an automated system which doesn’t address your unique needs. After waiting on hold you’re either greeted by a foreign speaking sales rep you can barely understand or a rude customer service rep who knows virtually nothing about adhesives.

With a business trademarked “Big enough to serve your needs, small enough to care” you know Heartland Adhesives values the customer relationships we build and sustain. Our adhesive manufacturing company dutifully staffs friendly and knowledgeable customer service associates to assist you with your unique needs. Whether inquiring about medical hot melt adhesives or seeking information on adhesive troubleshooting, we are right there to help.

Custom Adhesive Formulation

Custom Adhesive Manufacturers in Germantown, WIMost adhesive companies don’t have the equipment, technology or innovative insight to provide custom adhesive formulation, so you end up stuck with a very basic line of adhesives. At Heartland Adhesives we have a library of over 800 adhesive formulations so you can be confident your unique needs will never be pigeonholed into some standard formula. If for some reason your adhesive needs are not able to be met with one of our 800 formulas, we will create a custom PSA adhesive formula unique to your application requirements. When other adhesive manufacturers can’t or won’t give you the adhesive solutions you need, turn to Heartland Adhesives.

Superior Adhesive Solutions from the Industry’s Most Trusted Adhesive Manufacturer

Whether you’re dissatisfied with your current adhesive manufacturing company, are seeking more reliable and performance driven options, or you need custom adhesives formulated to your specific application needs Heartland Adhesives has you covered. For more than 25 years our adhesive manufacturers have been setting the industry standard for innovative, reliable and performance-driven adhesive solutions. When you need superior adhesives catered to your specific application needs and want dedicated customer support, partner with the very best; partner with Heartland Adhesives.

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