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Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Created with Environmentally Friendly Processes

Industry Leading Adhesive Formulators Employ Green Approach

Environmentally-Friendly Adhesives from Heartland Adhesive in WisconsinThe pressure sensitive adhesives industry has been constantly improving over the past few years when it comes to environmentally friendly development. Innovations in pressure sensitive adhesive manufacturing and chemical bonds have provided the industry’s adhesive formulators with processes which eliminate the use of nonrenewable petroleum products. By using only renewable resources in the manufacturing of pressure sensitive adhesives, harsh byproducts are eliminated and limited raw materials are conserved.


Environmentally friendly Adhesive manufacturer in WisconsinFrom postage stamps to basic tape, the industry is researching new ways to alter the molecular structure of pressure sensitive adhesives. A few years ago, the search for a wood-based adhesive led to the accidental discovery of a new vegetable oil based adhesive which was less costly and safer for the environment. Recently, a utilization of a base of polyesters has allowed advanced modification to the adhesive structure providing another great way to eliminate the use of nonrenewable resources. The molecules of vegetable oil and polyester are prime candidates for the adhesive base because they are highly effective and can be developed from renewable sources, unlike previously used petrochemicals. Green chemistry is a growing field which will continue to improve the world with advancements in the process of pressure sensitive adhesives development.

Heartland Adhesives is inspired by new innovations which improve our permanent and removable label adhesives and tape adhesives. The industry has a continually evolving process to create pressure sensitive label adhesives and the research capabilities are nearly unlimited. There are fascinating and advantageous scientific discoveries every day, so there’s really no cap on what can be accomplished. Heartland Adhesives stays on top of the latest technology and manufacturing innovation to provide you with the best information and up-to-date industry news on pressure sensitive adhesives.

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