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Removable Adhesives for Produce Labels

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Custom Formulation

Adhesives for removable produce labels are available in rolls of any size and format to fit your label applicator. These produce labels are designed for organic fruit distributed in the United States and Canada. Heartland Adhesives has over 800 proprietary adhesive formulas to choose from. If those adhesives don’t perfectly suit your produce labeling needs, we’ll create a custom developed adhesive which does.

Our innovative label adhesive development, manufacturing and testing process ensures your produce labels will retain adhesion and appearance in the most adverse shipping conditions.  Sustained hot or cold temperatures, combined with moisture and physical agitation, can cause poorly designed produce labels to peel, curl or rub off. Our adhesives are brilliantly designed to withstand your product’s unique shipping conditions. Maintain your valuable brand with top quality label adhesives from Heartland Adhesives.

Contact our label adhesive developers for more info about our removable adhesives.