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Pressure Sensitive Glue for Book Binding

Heartland Adhesives formulates unsurpassed pressure sensitive glue for book binding. Strenuous book binding assembly, handling overload and demanding shipping and delivery conditions all contribute to the breakdown of book binding glue. Heartland Adhesives formulates the most reliable pressure sensitive glue which combines durability and long-lasting adhesion. Our book binding glue eliminates adhesive stringing (or “angel hairing”) during the binding assembly process. Preventing adhesive stringing means machines won’t require shut down for cleaning, maintenance or repairs caused by book binding glue build-up; thereby, increasing book binding efficiency and production.

As the first company to pelletize PSAs in the U. S., Heartland Adhesives is revered as an innovator in the hot melt industry. Our pelletized adhesives are so advanced you can actually drop the chemically compatible adhesive bag directly into your melting machine for hassle-free, turn-key operation. For consistently strong and reliable book binding glue and other adhesive solutions turn to Heartland Adhesives. We provide tailored solutions to a wide range of industries and can custom formulate PSAs to cater to your unique application needs.

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