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Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Wine Labeling

The Importance of Wine Label Adhesives

Simply put, wine labels have to remain classy. Arguably, food industry items as mass-produced as jars of peanut butter also need strong adhesive labels to withstand any shipping conditions and uphold the brand’s integrity. Likewise, refrigerated products like Champagne and soda bottles must have waterproof adhesive labels to withstand intense condensation.

But wine is a category all in its own.

Majority of winos don’t really know too much about wine. When browsing this aisle at the store, a bottle is a bottle. Every brand in the same price category has an equal chance of getting selected by the customer. In the end, the only deciding factor is the wine label.

The pressure sensitive adhesive for wine labeling must be of enough quality to contain fancy printing. On that same note, the label must stay on and not allow any peeling or strands of residue. The wine label adhesive needs to sit on a candle-lit dinner table and remain sophisticated and appetizing.

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