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Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Electronics Manufacturing

PSA Suppliers Create Ideal Adhesive Solution

This electronics manufacturing company needed our pressure sensitive adhesive suppliers to formulate an adhesive solution for their new line of cordless headphones. The company needed our formulators to develop a pressure sensitive adhesive with a high softening point and moderate peel adhesion. The PSA had to withstand high and low temperature adhesive applications without melting, chipping or losing its serviceable bond.

As a leader among pressure sensitive adhesive companies, we utilized our proprietary library of over 800 formulas to hand select the adhesive properties which would best fulfill the product’s requirements. Once we identified the ideal adhesive solution, our formulators set the PSA into production.

After production, our pressure sensitive adhesive distributors shipped the product directly to the electronics manufacturing plant. Upon receipt of the PSA adhesive, the electronics manufacturing company performed various field tests to ensure the product met all requirements; needless to say, it did. The company owner was impressed with the product quality and consistency, and continues to partner with Heartland for when he needs the best pressure sensitive adhesives for electronics manufacturing

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