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Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Beverage Labeling

Adhesive Formulation for Beverage Packaging and Labeling

This wine manufacturing company needed a new pressure sensitive adhesive supplier for beverage packaging and labeling. Their previous PSA labels would peel, slide and tear. Oftentimes, the PSAs would also clog the machines, resulting in uneven administration of the adhesive and problematic dripping. The company needed a pressure sensitive adhesive manufacturer they could rely on for product quality and consistency.

As one of the biggest wine producers in California, the company could not take a chance on risking their reputation and profitability by choosing just any pressure sensitive adhesive manufacturer. They needed an adhesive services company with a long-standing reputation for quality and consistency; a company to give them the personalized attention and fast turnaround time they needed, especially during peak season.

After doing lengthy research and talking to others in the international wine community, the company contacted Heartland to explain their specific adhesive application needs. As a leading formulator and distributor of pressure sensitive adhesives for beverage packaging and labeling, we already knew which properties would provide the best results for the products’ intended use. Utilizing various formulas from our proprietary library, we created the ideal adhesive solution which would withstand hot and cold temperature applications, a common issue for wine packaging, shipping and storage.

Once the pressure sensitive adhesive formulation and production process was complete, we shipped the order directly to the wine manufacturing company. They utilized our pressure sensitive adhesives in a test batch of wine packaging, labeling and storage. The company was highly impressed with the smooth and consistent application, the high quality product and its reliable durability. They were also extremely pleased with the level of knowledge and attentiveness our customer support provides and the extraordinary service they receive year-round, especially during peak season.

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