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Adhesive Solutions for Electronics Manufacturing

Adhesives for Electronics and Electronic Assembly

Our heat resistant pressure sensitive adhesives (hot melt PSAs) are used to bond various components during electronics manufacturing.

Technology and electronic manufacturing companies are constantly reaching out to Heartland for superior adhesive solutions. Whether it’s adhesives for electronics or adhesives for electronic assembly, this industry knows Heartland is the most trusted producer and supplier of pressure sensitive adhesives and hot melt adhesives. Our customers know we stay on the cutting edge of the adhesives market. Supplying everything from food-grade adhesives to medical grade adhesives, even adhesives for building construction, Heartland serves countless industries throughout the world. 

With a proprietary library of over 800 adhesive formulations, it’s no wonder we’re one of the best in the adhesives market when it comes to product quality and turnaround time. Our ability to hand-pick the best solution for each unique adhesive application, allows us to work smarter and faster.

Whether you need pressure sensitive adhesives for cold temperature applications, hot melt adhesives for woodworking or custom adhesive formulation, Heartland makes it happen. Don’t gamble your reputation, productivity and profit on other adhesive manufacturers; turn to the best in the adhesives market and see the difference our adhesive solutions make for your business.

Contact our electronic adhesive distributors now and tell us how we can best serve your unique adhesive application needs.

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