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Custom Adhesives for Wristbands

Paper Wristband Adhesive

Paper wristbands are demanded in such bulk, clients who use them could easily go through thousands in the span of an hour. What’s extremely important is consistency in how the wristband adhesive allows a quick peel-off of the adhesive cover and then sticks on, remaining firmly in place despite the potential effects of water submersion, human sweat, or humid weather temperatures.

Tyvek Bracelet with Strong Adhesive Closure

Tyvek bracelets – aka wristbands – demand strong adhesive closures. Heartland Adhesives has the cutting-edge technology to make your needs a reality, quickly and cost-effectively. From our headquarters in Germantown, WI to all 50 states, we have over 800 adhesive formulas ready to customize for your exact product line, whether Tyvek bracelets or another item requiring strong adhesive closures.

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