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Medical Adhesives Manufacturing

Hot Melt Supplier Provides Superior Adhesive Solutions for Medical Application

As one of the very best hot melt suppliers in the industry, we provide medical adhesive manufacturing services to a wide range of companies around the world. For many of our customers we provide pressure sensitive medical adhesives for sealing pill cards. Our PSA hot melt medical adhesive formulas are renowned for their superior strength, durability and resiliency. Heartland Adhesives’ customers know if one of the sealants break or is jeopardized the entire pill card is virtually unsellable. If sealants are broken on more than one pill card, the entire stock is in question. At the manufacturing level Ineffective adhesives like these produce a chain reaction of lost revenue, time and a purchasing client base.

When your business’ reputation, ROI, production and turnaround time matter turn to Heartland Adhesives. Our PSA adhesives and customer support are both known for consistently exceeding expectations. With a library of over 800 formulas we have the perfect pressure sensitive adhesive to suit your specific application needs. Whether you need industrial adhesives, medical adhesives or commercial adhesives, we have you covered.

Contact our medical adhesives manufacturing department today and let us know how we can best serve your hot melt adhesive application needs.