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Hot Melt Adhesive Suppliers for Footwear Industry

Hot Melt Adhesive for Shoes Formulated by our Footwear Adhesive Manufacturers

As one of the world’s leading hot melt adhesive suppliers for the footwear industry, Heartland provides its adhesive services to a huge array of shoe manufacturers in the U.S. and throughout the international community. This particular company was seeking new footwear adhesive manufacturers to formulate a reliable, high quality hot melt adhesive which would withstand a variety of challenging conditions. After extensively researching the adhesive footwear industry, the company contacted Heartland to discuss their unique adhesive application requirements.

The company explained they needed a hot melt adhesive with high aggressive tack and cohesion. Since the intended adhesive application was to be formulated for year-round hiking boots, the hot melt adhesive needed to withstand both low temperature applications and high temperature applications. It also needed to resist moisture and allow for constant flexing motion. After our footwear adhesive manufacturers gained a thorough understanding of the application conditions, we archived our propriety formulations library to locate the most recent adhesive technologies which would best suit the application requirements. We utilized multiple formulas to create an aggressive hot melt adhesive which could withstand long-term exposure to temperature extremes, moisture and movement.

After our footwear adhesive manufacturers shipped the product to the company, they performed extensive field tests. The company was shocked at how well our hot melt adhesives held up under even the most extreme conditions. They were thrilled with the product quality and consistency. They were also impressed by our quick turnaround time and knowledgeable customer support.

Whether you need hot melt adhesives for shoes, medical-grade adhesives, food-safe adhesives or virtually any other pressure sensitive adhesives or hot melt adhesives, turn to the formulation experts at Heartland. Our adhesive company serves a variety of industries around the world, including the medical and pharmaceutical industries, the automotive industry, the adhesive footwear industry, the electronics manufacturing industry, the construction industry, the retail industry and many others.

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