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Food-Grade Adhesive Manufacturers

Manufacturing the perfect food-grade adhesive is a process which we are more than happy to individualize for your exact product. We understand that business owners have a ton of duties, all of which are high priority. Many clients simply want to call up our Wisconsin office, order a generic hot melt adhesive formula, and be done with it. Admittedly, it’s far easier to not think twice about a seemingly insignificant detail on your completed product. But fear not – we make customization easy for you!

Manufacturing Food Industry Adhesives

When a customer anxiously peels back that sauce packet to dunk their chicken nuggets in, the process needs to be convenient and hassle-free (keep in mind, chicken nuggets are just an example). Often caused by an inability to withstand uneven storage conditions, using the wrong adhesive formula on your product can leave nasty residue which is flat-out unappetizing. We keep in mind the fact you might be producing MILLIONS of these items using our application. When manufacturing food industry adhesives, we will exceed your expectations.

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