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Custom Adhesives Lab

Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Formulators Create Superior Custom Adhesive Solutions

Our on-site custom adhesives lab holds the most cutting-edge equipment for creating and testing tailored adhesive solutions. Our vast library of 800+ adhesive formulas enables our hot melt PSA specialists to reference the best formula for the given adhesive application. This ever-evolving formula vault provides our customers with faster adhesive formulation and production, as well as improved cost-effectiveness. If we cannot find the very best solution for your adhesive needs within our formula vault, we will work diligently to create the adhesive solution conducive to your application requirements. To date, there has not been an adhesive application requirement we have not been able to expertly solve.

Heartland Adhesives specializes in tailored adhesive solutions for specialized applications and niche industries. Whether you need low volume production for a test application, mass-produced adhesives with color changing functionality or customized densities, our PSA hot melt formulators have you covered.  As a leader in the adhesive manufacturing industry, Heartland Adhesives’ business model continues to reign supreme: Big enough to serve your needs, small enough to care.

Contact our pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive formulators today for specialized adhesive applications.