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Custom Adhesive Formulators

PSA Adhesive Manufacturers Formulate Custom Adhesives for Unique Applications

Our custom adhesive formulators produce pressure sensitive adhesives for unique applications. Unlike other adhesive manufacturers, we retain the broadest line of proven PSA adhesives. With a library of 800+ formulas, our PSA adhesives are time tested and industry proven. Since formulating pressure sensitive adhesives is all we do, we have a substantially larger library of formulas than other adhesive manufacturers in the industry. This vast library increases adhesive formulation efficiency while lowering production costs, correlating to faster turnaround time and cost-efficient adhesive solutions.

Our ability to formulate custom adhesives based on your unique requirements makes Heartland Adhesives stand out above the competition. With on-site formulation and testing labs, production facilities and shipping warehouse, our PSA adhesive manufacturers are able to produce faster turnaround time, usually in as little as 1-2 weeks! Whether you need medical device adhesives or industrial grade adhesives, our PSA manufacturers formulate the best adhesive solution for your application needs. From density and volume to color, we custom formulate adhesives whereas big box manufacturers won’t.

Contact our PSA adhesive manufacturers today for standard or custom adhesive solutions.