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Construction Adhesive Formulation

The Construction Adhesive Market Turns to Heartland for Reliable Hot Melt and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

This company was researching the construction adhesives market to find a partner who could formulate the highest construction adhesive strength. After performing a great deal of construction adhesive comparisons, the company reached out to Heartland. They explained their construction grade adhesive application needs. The company needed construction adhesives for cold weather applications, as well as heat resistant construction adhesives. They explained that the adhesives would be used for general building construction, hardwood floors, exteriors, interiors and insulation. Each hot melt adhesive and pressure sensitive adhesive required its own unique set of properties to best serve the individualized applications.

After gaining an in-depth understanding of each required adhesive, our construction adhesive suppliers set to work. We pulled various formulas from our proprietary library to address each adhesive application need. Once our construction adhesive formulation and production was complete, we shipped the order directly to the construction company. When the company received their construction grade adhesives they performed rigorous testing to ensure each product performed its designated function and resisted thermal degradation.

The company was extremely satisfied with the product quality and consistency of each construction adhesive they received from our formulators. This company continues to partner with Heartland for all their adhesive needs and recommend our services to the entire construction adhesive market.

Contact our construction adhesive manufacturers today and tell us how we can best serve your unique adhesive application needs.

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