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Best Adhesive Company for Medical Adhesive Formulation

Medical Adhesive Formulators Create Waterproof, Removable Adhesive for Skin

Revered as the best adhesive company for medical adhesion formulation, we provide services to medical industries worldwide. This particular customer needed a removable pressure sensitive adhesive formulation which would adhere well to skin surfaces. This medical adhesive needed superior bond strength, yet painless removal. The medical adhesive also needed to be waterproof.

After contacting our adhesive services company with their specific needs, our medical adhesive formulators got right to work. We entered the appropriate information into our database of over 800 formulations and quickly came up with the best formula to create a waterproof, removable medical adhesive for skin surfaces. After passing a barrage of field tests, the new pressure sensitive medical adhesive was ready for the market.

Upon delivery, the customer could not believe the speed of our turnaround time. They were also highly impressed with the bond strength, painless removal (on all skin types) and waterproof capabilities of their new custom medical adhesives. So pleased with our exceptional skill, knowledge and customer support, this company is now a loyal, life-time customer of Heartland Adhesives. 

From medical adhesive formulation to food and beverage adhesive formulation and everything in between, we cover it all. Heartland Adhesives is proud to serve a huge scope of industries throughout the U.S. and the international community. When you need an adhesive services company who is big enough to serve your needs, yet small enough to care turn to the experts at Heartland Adhesives.

Contact our medical adhesive formulators now for superior medical and pharmaceutical adhesive formulation.