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Pressure Sensitive Medical Adhesives for Athletes and Physical Therapy Patients

Dissatisfied with the product quality from their previous adhesive suppliers, this medical manufacturing company turned to Heartland Adhesives for their medical adhesive manufacturing needs. The company met with our medical adhesive formulation specialists to discuss the unique specifications required for their product. The company stated they needed a medical-grade pressure sensitive adhesive with an extra strong and reliable hold. The medical grade pressure sensitive adhesives needed to be able to withstand the most extreme temperatures and be able to survive constant movement for extended periods of time. The pressure sensitive adhesives also needed to bond well on all skin types while minimizing pain upon removal.

Our medical adhesive developers utilized various properties from several formulas within our proprietary library to create the perfect bond for the adhesives’ intended use. We performed rigorous testing in a variety of conditions and circumstances to ensure the product would withstand extended periods of wear and tear. We also tested the bond strength on skin and its success of pain-free removal. Once satisfied with our market testing, we sent the bulk medical adhesive shipment directly to the medical manufacturing company.

Upon receipt, the company was shocked at our rapid formulation development, product quality and turnaround time. They were so pleased with our medical adhesive developers that they transferred over all of their adhesive service needs to Heartland. If you’re dissatisfied with your current PSA adhesive supplier turn to our industry experts and get the reliable product quality and outstanding customer support you deserve.

Contact our PSA adhesive company today and let us know how we can best serve you.