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Heartland Adhesives is the industry leading manufacturer of high quality pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives for transfer tapes, poly bag adhesives, label adhesives, graphic design and printing adhesives. With an extensive library of over 800 different adhesive formulas, Heartland Adhesives has the capability, state of the art manufacturing equipment, and the knowledge necessary to create the best PSA solutions for your company. Heartland Adhesives: big enough to serve your needs… small enough to care.

Now in our 28th year of business, Heartland Adhesives continues to be the best hot melt adhesives manufacturer with an unswerving commitment to constant innovation, including utilizing cutting edge sigma blade blending systems. These powerful machines blend adhesive materials in minimal time, allowing our adhesive production specialists to manufacture unbeatable quality products with low heat history. This ensures optimal lot to lot consistency and reliability, providing our customers with peace of mind knowing their adhesive needs are being met and exceeded.


Shortest Lead Times in Adhesive Manufacturing Industry

adhesive manufacturing companiesHeartland Adhesives offers a benefit our competitors simply can’t match: two weeks or less to fulfill most orders. We know our customers can’t wait for their adhesive manufacturer to reformulate adhesive materials and we keep this in mind with every solution we produce. This commitment to fast project turnaround provides our customers with the solution to their adhesion needs faster than any other adhesive manufacturing company. From initial product formulation and mixing to final packaging and shipping, customers of Heartland Adhesives will receive the highest quality adhesive solutions with the fastest timetable, guaranteed.

Heartland Uses ITW Dynatec's Best-in-Industry Equipment for Dispensing Our Adhesives

Companies Using ITW Dynatec Adhesive Equipment

Adhesives for a Wide Range of Application Needs

Our pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives are utilized by manufacturing and production companies around the world. From removable label adhesives for produce and fugitive glues for printed materials to transfer tape adhesives and poly bag adhesives, customers depend on Heartland Adhesives to cover all their adhesive needs. Heartland Adhesives provides the most performance driven product for:

Adhesive Formulation for Industries Worldwide

As one of the best adhesive manufacturing companies in the world, we pride ourselves on catering to the individual needs of various industries around the world. Serving as industry-leading hot melt PSA adhesive manufacturers, we offer:

Custom Adhesive Development

Adhesive Formulation Companies

The custom adhesives formulation and manufacturing experts at Heartland Adhesives have decades of experience in solving the unique PSA adhesion problems manufacturing companies commonly face. We solve production-stopping issues by working closely with our customers to identify the problem and provide the best solution. Whether you’re bonding to a difficult substrate, dealing with extreme temperature conditions, or interested in creating a unique adhesive solution, partner with the best hot melt PSA manufacturer: Heartland Adhesives.

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